Ferd'nand 1963

(H.D. Mikkelsen)






Henning Dahl Mikkelsen, who uses the pseudonym Mik, spent two years as painter's apprentice after he graduated from high school. He moved to Copenhagen and found a job at an animation studio. In 1935, he moved to London, where he worked at an English film company. In 1937, he created the newspaper strip 'Ferd'nand', which was soon distributed to Danish, English and American newspapers. After World War II, Mik moved to America, where his strip had become immensely popular. It was continued by Al Mik (alias Al Plastino) until 1989, and from then on, by Danish artist Henrik Rehr.
Another comic by Mik was 'The Hansen Family', which was published in the magazine The Country (Landet) between 1942 and 1948. Earlier, this magazine had published his comic 'The Old Gods' ('De Gamle Guder') in 1941. Also 'Lise and Lasse', written by Harald H. Lund, appeared here, in 1944.

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