Little Orphan Annie 1969








Philip Blaisdell, who signed with Tex Blaisdell, was born in Houston, Texas, and studied at the Art Student League and at the College of Hard Knocks. He was in the American air force for four years. For a period of thirteen years, he has cooperated on the strips by Stan Drake, Irwin Hasen, Dick Wingert, Bud Sagendorf and Al Capp. He continued the 'Little Orphan Annie' strip after Harold Gray's death in 1968. As a member of Leonard Starr's studios, he was responsible for the backgrounds of 'On Stage'. He was also an inker on comic book series like 'Green Lantern', 'Adam Strange', 'Superman', Flash' and 'Batman'.


Harold Gray 1924-1968
asst. Robert Leffingwell
Robert Leffingwell 1968
(Henri Arnold 1968)
Tex Blaisdell 1968-1973
(Vic Martin 1973-1974)
David Lettick 1974
asst. Lee Marrs
asst. Bill Wright-letter
asst. Ben Oda-letter
wr Joe Orlando c.1964
Henry Raduta c.1968
(Elliot Caplin 1968-1973)
Mike Fleisher 1973-1974

50 x 15 cm

China su cartoncino bristol

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